Before the triatholon start, Rye, NY A40C1986 A40C8083 5R copy Scan-141008-0001 A40C2214 ND5Y2227 Yankee's stretch 1 Boy holding Turley's hand FLY AWAY WITH ME ND5Y8654 new copy _D5Y3852 copy Scan-141009-0002 JLR Scan-141009-0006 IMG_0151 D65C4963 A40C1275 9-0702 Vietnam Vets D65C0603 D65C2402 5R Scan-141009-0007 Lone golfer Basketball Shadow Scan-141009-0005 Scan-141010-0002 boy Scan-141010-0001 Scan-141009-0003 IMG_0706 9R bd.print York, MEPhoto: © J. Gregory Raymond Calf Pasture Beach ND5Y3071